Kyonoke Inquest — Incomming Transmission (1)

>>As I sit here and shine my boots, my uniform is already packed, I start wondering on the impact this outbreak has on all of us.
This might even be a chance, for me, for all of us. As the Corps Counselor, I have been trained to handle challenging situations, but I never had to use it, now I don’t know if I’m ready to do this. I have only been a pilot, now I get to interact with others – in person-, this is what I have been trained for, but am I ready?
Saturday, we have to get on the ship on Saturday to reach keepstar H4-RP4 in time. We pass a couple of stations on the way there, the CEO said we will meet up with all kinds of fellow capsuleers on our journey. Can’t wait, but oh these languages… Just yesterday I tried to pronounce a couple of tactical phrases spoken at Postouvin, boy at least I will make for some good laughs along the way. But hey I shouldn’t worry too much, we will get our briefing at keepstar H4-RP4 and if all fails you will find me at the bar…<< — EOF